Blueminded was a Dutch Pop/Rock band, founded in 2012 by guitarist and composer Jörgen Koenen.  As he had been recording his own songs at home,

he wanted to bring these compositions to life and record these songs in a professional studio.  Jörgen contacted some experienced musicians/friends

and Blueminded was created. The band has played some great gigs over the years, performing as a support act for Het Goede Doel and UB40 and

playing live in radio Veronica's Countdown Cafe. They also released an EP and in 2016 their debut album called Seize the day was released, which got very good

reviews in the Netherlands and in a lot of other countries.


The combination of the 80's pop/rock and modern contemporary styles makes Blueminded's sound unique and recognizable. It is influenced by music of

Pop/Rock artists such as Peter Gabriel, Sting, The Police, U2, Genesis, Coldplay, Kane and Muse. In December 2016 Jörgen decided to stop with

Blueminded as a band and to continue Blueminded as a music project of his own again, back to how he once started. He continues writing songs, which are recorded

later in 2017 and will be released in spring 2018 on a new album called "When lights fade..."

Whether there will be live gigs again is yet unknown and will be decided in the future, depending on if there are enough interesting possibilities to

perform with a live band.